Sunday Salon: Things to do if locked in a bookshop overnight

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If I was locked in a book shop overnight I would:

  • Play in the lifts, collecting up those books I wish to get through
  • Raid the accessories, such as the bookmarks, the lamps, the postcards etc.
  • Tidy the tables, as there is ALWAYS untidy piles
  • See if I can work out the coffee machine, and if there are any cakes left in the fridge
  • Find where the comfy chairs are and settle down with my goodies and read the rest of the night.

I dont know if I would do what this American tourist did, which is tweet the bookstore, asking to be let out…..Waterstones did the right thing and turned it into a positive, and a sleepover, with Poirot and Jeeves being some of the special guests

And here’s a list of games to play from the people over at BookRiot, especially if there’s more than one of you…

What else would you do if you were locked in a bookstore overnight?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Things to do if locked in a bookshop overnight

  1. I would probably do something similar to this guy. Though I often have a fantasy of getting trapped in my library for a long period of time where i would finally have the time to read all those books i shelf but don’t have time to read.
    My Sunday Salon

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