Friday Salon: The Tale of the Vintage Fabric Find

The Tale of the Vintage Fabric Find.

The above post tells a story of finding Vintage Fabric at the down-sizing sale of a friend. I have yet to have the good fortune to be able to go through someone’s fabric (though I have my eye on someone’s for future rummaging – mention no names!).

The above column indicates that AmberStitch would make something else from the piece:

I love to create items with vintage fabrics, especially scatter pillows. A pillow is the perfect canvas for a retro print handkerchief or embroidered linen. With each piece of dozens that I held in my hand, I could envision how lovely it would look as the pretty face of a small pillow.

I do mean to go through 2nd hand or antique stores in the hope of finding cloth napkins, tablecloths etc, but never get around to visiting these shops, never mind rummaging round the back through their cloths. There used to be a couple of such shops in Worcester, England, but haven’t been round there in years so wouldn’t know if they even still exist or not. I occasionally go through Charity Shops in Birmingham, England, usually for ceramics, but occasionally for fabrics, but have yet to find something I really want to take away.

I do have a stack of linen napkins, new off the shelf, and used on a semi regular basis as napkins (what’s the point in having them if you dont use them?). I even have a couple of Linen pillowcases, which are also used. As far as I’m concerned Linen is Linen, and each piece should be used for what it was designed for. I have also successfully raided a certain person’s “linen closet” and co-opted some bed linen that would have otherwise gone elsewhere. I have yet to “upcycle” any of these items because I am still using them for their original purpose (i.e. as bed linen)

So, a couple of questions for you, constant reader

Have you had the good fortune to pick up some vintage fabric from somewhere else?

Would you make it into another item or use it for it’s original purpose?  (or a mixture of the two, depending?)



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