Sunday Salon: Adding to my blog

The Sunday Salon

I am an old fashioned kind of girl so do the majority of my blogging using a laptop – mainly because it has a keyboard.  I’ve been using Windows for years, but with the introduction of Windows 8 I have decided that on my next upgrade,  I will move over to Apple products going forward (hint: I dont like Windows 8).

I also use my iPad mini to read and comment on other blogs, but still like the use of a keyboard when typing.

I use my iPad and my digital phone to take photos (will even use a camera on occasion!), and use my main computer to upload the resulting pictures, but it’s always back to the main computer to do the final bits – it’s just the way I’m used to working.

I dont use my phone or other technology to read or write – I dont like all the small buttons and the fiddling (I blame Fat Fingers!).  Also, many pages render really small on phones and ever since an eyesight problem a few years ago, I’ve always been aware of tiny text….

What is your favourite electronic device to use to add posts and content to your blog?


12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Adding to my blog

  1. Interesting post. I am very attached to my ipad and use it for most things. The keyboard is a bit of a fiddle but, even with low vision, I find it manageable. However, if I want to print something I still prefer my large screen Windows pc. As for the iPhone, I couldn’t see it and found the voice activation too challenging. Basically, it couldn’t understand me! I now have a Samsung phone which I find much easier to see and manage. As the ipad is getting old I wonder whether a Samsung tablet might be better as a replacement for someone with VI. I have used apple products partly because of their excellent hands on service but now find other providers are equally helpful.


  2. We are entirely a mac household so all my blogging is done either on the Mac Air or on the iPad. I much prefer the laptop to create content because the iPad keyboard is quite fiddly and i constantly hit the wrong key. It also seems easier to add images and move them around. I haven’t used by iPhone for blogging or reading – the screen is way too small for that


    • I’m sure today’s “youth” will have no trouble using ipads etc for content control going forward – will they even write blogs like we do? Or will everything just be pinned and Retweeted? Oh there’s a thought!


  3. I love my iPad for everything…except blogging. In fact (close your ears if you don’t want to hear an awful story) I accidentally deleted my entire school library webpage by trying to edit it on an iPad. Horrors.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon!


  4. This is a fun discussion topic. I like reading about how other people use various bits of technology.

    I’m one of those folks who must use full computer with keyboard and preferably 2 monitors attached. Laptops are OK but I always feel sort of hunched and cramped when using them! Tablets are nice for reading but not not really for writing, IMHO.

    Photos are a different story. We have a lovely camera but I prefer the convenience of snapping a pic with my Android phone, uploading to my cloud storage, and then inserting directly into a blog post when at the computer (as opposed to all the fuss with cords and such).

    Can’t blame you for wanting to switch machines because of Windows 8. I’ll be holding on to my Windows 7 with a death grip for as long as my PC survives!


  5. I use a laptop with Windows 7 when I’m ready for the final draft of my blog post. I do sometimes use Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone for notes beforehand and also for photos. I do save blog posts via Feedly, Inoreader, and Pocket on the phone to read and comment on later on the laptop.


  6. Our school district is going to all-Apple devices and every teacher will be issued not only a laptop but also an iPad. So I will have to learn to use these devices which is different than what i use at my desk and at home. It is like learning a new language. Good luck with your shift. My Weekly Sunday Salon


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