Spring #Bloggiesta 2015 – Summary

Spring 2015 Bloggiesta

Last week I set myself a “To Do List” to do as part of Bloggiesta, and this is the summary post of how I think I did against those challenges

  • Register outstanding books on Bookcrossing….DONE
  • Make sure that reviews are synced between my blog, librarything, goodreads and bookcrossing – I dont want to get to the point as last year, where LT and GR were 4 books off and I had no idea which books were missing….DONE
  • Set up twitter pushes for 2 weeks worth of posts (about 7 posts). I’ve been very lax, and now when they get set up, they have to fight with all the other scheduled tweets. It should be the other way around…mostly done – not necessarily a whole two week’s worth but I’m getting there!
  • Take part in at least one twitter chat….DONE
  • Take part in at least one challenge….DONE
  • find at least one new blog to follow. Not Done
  • Comment on as many posts as possible, not just from the people I already follow, and where the comment would be relevant…Tried to comment on several (at least 3) only for comment moderation to drive me demented enough to give up. Blogger’s “I am not a robot” a notable mention.
  • Review some scheduled posts (that I wont have looked at for a few weeks or months) and make sure I’m still happy with them. Any spelling mistakes, grammar errors etc that should be rectified before they go out?  ….Downloaded some free images to support some of ongoing posts. I now have some media images “in stock” that I can use for upcoming posts. Also found a few posts that made me go “Whaaat?” before doing a rewrite.
  • Write any outstanding reviews…   Two reviews still to write, one for a book that I finished before the challenge



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