Friday Salon: Starting a New Piece

colorful embroidery threadsWhen I finish a piece, what I start next really depends on what I’ve just finished. The vast majority of my projects are large cross stitch pieces and often take months to complete. When I finish a large one, I like to sit back for a while and do nothing, especially if I’ve been working to a deadline, and am all stitched out.

Sometimes I am in the middle of a large item and just want to have the feeling of actually finishing something – ANYTHING! I then grab something small – something that can be made into lavender sachets for instance – and can do in around a day. When I have enough of these completed I then pull out the sewing machine and make them up.

I’m trying to make sure that when I’ve finished another big one, then I at least *look* at my outstanding WIPs and do at least a few stitches on them before considering starting another large piece of work. In doing a recent spring clean I’ve noticed that I have a lot of “stash” (not the same as a WIP!) and am both excited and distressed about how much I have but am not doing. I am working on a massive piece right now, and who knows what I will do next!

So what you? When you start a new work do you look for something small, do you look for another huge project or do you consider your UFOs?


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