Sunday Salon: Library Usage


What books do you have on request at the library? What do you currently have checked out at the library?  How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time? How often have you returned books to the library unread?

Hi, my name is Nordie and I don’t use my library for books. There. I said it. I use my library, yes, but not for borrowing books – I have too many of my own books to consider borrowing more from somewhere else.

The Central City library in my city, is a relatively new building (September 2012?), and cost nearly £200million. It’s big, it’s impressive, it’s a bit controversial (4 community libraries were closed because of it and it is already being proposed to reduce both staff and opening hours to lower costs). It has a cinema, auditorium, meeting rooms, author talks, BFI videos, TEDx presentations, cheese and wine events, sewing and knitting communities, kids activities etc, etc.   See?  Not everything is about checking books in and out.

As a child and teenager I remember being in the library a lot and regularly checking out as many books as I was allowed. I think I remember moving up from 5 to 8 books at a time….!.  I don’t remember returning any books unread, but that could just be a memory thing.

So, how do you use your local library – do you even know where it is?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Library Usage

  1. I no longer borrow print books from the library because of my low vision but in theory you can download audio books through overdrive. However, although I have had help from Action for the Blind and Birmingham City Library we were unable to accomplish this successfully. Has anyone else managed to do this? I am wondering if it is because we were trying to download to an ipad.


    • never tried to do a download, though I have been tempted with audiobooks in the past when things were bad. I might have to check this out as I too have an ipad


  2. My library is a short walk away, across a park with playing fields and kiddies play area, so a pleasant walk on a sunny day. Maybe that’s why I use it quite frequently. I find,no matter how many books I own, no matter how many netgalley reviews are filling the kindle, there’s always something being hyped on Twitter that I need to borrow. Till recently, ordering a book in from the wider county-wide catalogue was free, but even now it’s only 40p so it’s a great way to find an obscure book that I’ll only read once.


    • netgalley is fatal isnt it?! 40p is still ok (better than full price for a book or author you’re not sure of). Even if only a penny of that goes to the author, it’s still a penny that they wouldnt get from a second hand store…..:)


  3. My library is a very small one storey building about five minutes from my house. But it’s being threatened with closure because of the councils economy measures. I’m on the campaign team fighting to keep it open


    • So how’s that going? I havent heard in a while.

      Headlines on today’s local paper implies the Central library will only be open for 6 hours on a saturday, and then not reopen till 11am on the Monday. Hmmmm


      • We are just about to start the legal process since all other forms of opposition have failed. Our lawyer specialises in these cases and thinks we have a very strong argument. Hope so!


  4. I am a big library user. FREE is good and libraries are FREE books and audiobooks.

    I currently have two audiobooks checked out from my library Pierce County Libraries System. I have two or three books on hold, two movies on hold, and three audiobooks on hold. I just got an e-reader, so I checked out my first e-book last week. In addition I pick out a kit of books for my book club every month. The kits hold 15 copies of one title and discussion questions. It saves the gals in my club tons of money!

    Lastly, as a high school librarian I often check out books from my own library, mostly YA titles, so I know what to recommend to my readers. It is usual that I only have two books checked out from my own library right now. I usually have more.

    It often surprises me when other librarians in the district tell me that they never use the public library. Why not? FREE books are good!

    My Sunday Salon


    • Yes! Free books ARE good, and sometimes it’s nice to know your local librarian also uses it.

      I think the book kits for your reading group is a fab idea, and well worth promoting to other reading groups


  5. I’m a librarian, so I don’t end up using my local library often, because I get books thru the one I work at. Reading the other comments, I thought I ‘d mention that downloading ebooks to iPads and other tablets and mobile devices works best with the Overdrive app here. It’s a lot easier than downloading in the browser, using a Digital Editions to open it and transfer it to the ereader the way it used to be! (Even if it’s not OverDrive there, ask if there’s a app for the iPad!


    • Second the OverDrive app here. Use it a lot from the Free Library of Philadelphia and our hometown library, where I work, has it too. I use both regularly, usually only have a few checked out, as I am a monogamous reader, but have several on hold, especially on ebook through Free Library of Philadelphia.

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