Friday Salon: Sewing Room

I’ve long been jealous of people who have the space to allow for a separate sewing or craft room, with a desk large enough to have a sewing machine out, on display and ready for use; space to stack fabrics, accessories, notions, needles, threads etc.

needle thread needlesI’ve never had such a room unfortunately and dont think I ever will. Instead, the sewing machine is tidied away into a cupboard; fabric and patterns are in big plastic crates in the top of the wardrobe, wool is in a cardboard box in the same wardrobe, WIPs in a crate hidden down the side of the chair I sit in.

Most of my sewing, which is done usually by hand, in a single large chair, with a overhead lamp that can sit over my shoulder as necessary.  This is absolutely fine for the stitching that I’m doing at the moment (read: not much) but I would love not only the space to have my wn stitching room, but also the time to make use of it

What about you? Do you have a craft/stitch room, would you like one and how much use would you make of it?


5 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Sewing Room

  1. I’d hoped to have such a space when hubby turned an old table into a desk for the spare room but it ended up with a computer on it – and I’m still doing my sewing on the dining room table. It works fine apart from when I have something really small and quick to sew – then the job gets left for weeks because getting the machine out and set up seems like too much effort!


    • the “sewing machine” incident is a whole different subject! Mine is hidden away until I have enough of an excuse to get it out and have a bulk job to do! (usually a set of gifts and several cushions!)


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