Book Review: Haley’s Song by Jennifer Bryce

hayley's songShe loses a bet that isn’t hers . Haley’s father has a gambling problem that’s now become hers. He lost her in a bet. Now, she must either leave the only place she’s ever known or marry a man who is only interested in a servant he can control. On the run and scared, she finds sanctuary at a ranch with seven men and one little boy. Though hired as a cook and nanny, she quickly realizes she’s found a home. With brothers, Ben and Tate, vying for her affections, Haley starts to believe she can have a life that doesn’t involve alcohol, abuse, and gambling. But the winner of the card game has other plans. Ed Thompson tracks Haley down, determined she’s going to become his wife. But Tate isn’t about to allow that to happen. He’ll move whatever mountain he has to for Haley’s safety. And when she’s kidnapped, he’ll tear the town apart to find her. But Ed has an ace up his sleeve that could end up getting Haley killed.
From LibraryThing‘s Early Reviewers January 2015 batch in exchange for a review.
Set in 1948, this is a gentle romance where Hayley escapes from her abusive father after he loses her in a bet to another abusive man (Ed Thompson). Short of money, she rapidly gets hired by the Sherwoods to look after the youngest member of the family, and essentially keep house for a working ranch.  Ben and Tate, two of the Sherwood brothers start vying for her attention and she has to choose between Ben, who is a big town doctor, and Tate, the down to earth rancher.   Her new life is threatened by Ed finding out where she is, and coming to claim what he thinks is his. Meanwhile Haley gets to learn more about herself and others – such as not all men are nasty violent drunks, not all American Indians are bad people (and have been treated quite badly by the whites).
This wasn’t an overtly Christian (a complaint from another reviewer) but it does have some Christian-morals – no one’s sleeping around, the closest they get is kissing under the kissing tree etc. Drinking is bad, Haley’s father  gets his redemption and Ed gets his “just” reward. Tate and Haley are the most three dimensional characters in the story and the secondary characters are a little one dimensional.
In Summary, it’s an ok story, some of the characters were ok, but not the best or strongest story I’ve read.

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