Sunday Salon: Organization tips and tricks


  1. There are plenty of free calenders out there – I currently use an excel spreadsheet, split down by month, that allows me to know what post I have scheduled when. It allows me to quickly determine if I have space free or if I need to move things round for a specific post.  Whilst they are printable, I keep them on my computer so that I can change them around as and when I need to

  2. Many of the free planners are variations of an excel spreadsheet with a basic month-by-day layout, but I did like the look of this one which was a bit more specific to blogs, so I’m considering making use of it (and hope a corresponding one is done for 2015!). There are others out there, not all of them free, but easily findable with a search

  3. Resist the urge to request everything from sites like netgalley, edelweiss etc. There will come a point that you will have too many books to realistically work through and manage.

  4. Block out time to both read and write the corresponding reviews. Both will take longer than you realise. An hour spent watching a TV program you dont like is an hour better spent reading a book. If you have kids – 20 minutes in the bathroom with the door locked as you pretend to use the toilet (yes I know – like you get privacy even whilst on the toilet).

  5. Keep your About and Review Policy pages visible and up to date. If you are overwhelmed with books to read – or you are simply taking a break – say so on your review policy (“I am accepting no more submissions this year/until x” etc). Put it on your out of office as well, for those who dont need to go to your website to find you. Take it off as soon as you’re free.

  6. Decide on a posting schedule (using the software suggested above as necessary). The matter of frequency is entirely up to you. Don’t commit to daily posts if you only have 4 posts in the bag – once a week/twice a month is much better until you build up a reserve.  I have/had a reserve of approximately 4 months worth of posts, based on publishing every other day, which brought me the time to read and review as I saw fit, and schedule posts as and when the need determined.

  7. Block out time to read and comment on other blogs, do your social media, take part in events etc.  You are not an island, and you will soon feel lonely if you dont engage with others (and get some traffic!)

 Any other tips for organising that I might have missed off?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Organization tips and tricks

  1. In my seven years of blogging, I’ve found that the most important thing is to focus on the joy of blogging…the writing of fresh posts…the trying of new tech ideas in your blog…and, especially, spending lots of time visiting other bloggers and talking with them.

    I think many of us can go wrong with your #4. We sometimes get bogged down in obtaining books for review. Sometimes it’s good to slow down.

    Thanks for these great tips!


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