Book Review: Only Things by Brad Carter

only things Welcome to Barlow, Arkansas, a small town where life is anything but normal. It is on this quaint and quiet stage that an ancient supernatural battle will be fought. Meet the players: Myrna Wilson, a lonely woman haunted by the death of her son and gripped by the compulsion to acquire objects owned by the recently deceased… Chris Clanton, a library worker whose desire to rid the world of filth and clutter has become a murderous obsession… Constable Ray McFettridge, a small town lawman whose murky half-forgotten past has finally caught up to him… George Young, a recovering alcoholic with more than his share of demons to face… When these lives converge, they set in motion a chain of events that will threaten the very fabric of reality. This is a story of ghosts and demons …of possessions and the possessed …of psychics and skeptics …of death and redemption …of love lost and found.

Received from Librarything from their May 2015 list.  Published by Post Mortem Press.

I’ll be upfront from the beginning: I dont know why I requested this book, and unfortunately at time of writing (late June 2015) I haven’t finished it – I’ve managed about 35% of the way through. I have read other reviews that say “it’s a slow start but glad I stuck with it” so I might give it a second chance….but not right now.

Barlow is a small town in Arizona, with lots of different personalities, from uptight upstanding police men, through widowed authors returning home, to dropped out hippies on the edge of society. Dead bodies are stacking up around the place, and not all of the deaths are explainable – apart from the ones done by Chris the librarian who has an overwhelming need for things to be neat and tidy and will do anything to make sure that happens.

That’s as far as I get unfortunately….I see potential, lots of different voices are coming through, I just have other books that are calling me louder, and it hasn’t gripped me enough to make me drop them in favour of this book.


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