Sunday Salon: Who do your books mingle with?

Do you keep all your unread books together, like books in a waiting room? Or are they scattered throughout your shelves, mingling like party-goers waiting for the host to come along?

Shelf 2It’s a split really.  Most of my unread paper books are gathered together on one set of bookshelves in my living room. However, they have spilled over from their defined bookshelf onto the bookshelf that has my Permanent Collection. I also have a coffee table in the middle of the room and some hardbacks have migrated over onto this table. Because of space issues – I have an apartment, without any stairs or much “dead space” – books are not generally put anywhere else. Sometimes you might find a few books sitting on the bedside table, but that’s usually because I’ve actively taken them out with the intent to read them in the immediate future.

TBR Shelf 1In the end, I’m trying to keep my rooms tidy and books where I can find them. I rearrange them occasionally to see which books are left. I continue to work my way through those books that are currently unread, and when completed they head off into the “release box” under one of the bookshelves. It is these books that are then handed over to other people and are ultimately replaced on the shelves with other books from the overflow.

So how do you keep your unread books? 


17 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Who do your books mingle with?

  1. I keep my unread books in the same drawer, because if I did not I would be lost. However, once already I have read them are scattered by the shelves, so if one day I want to find a book in particular lost quite some time to find it, since I do not follow any order, so on my shelves you can find a novel by Benito Pérez Galdós or Virgina Woolf, for example, beside a book about natural remedies…


  2. I try to declutter the house by keeping all the books in one room, though there are books scattered around on shelves and floor, etc. nevertheless. Most of my books are in the basement, YIkes!, but we keep it humidity free and the books seem to be doing okay.


  3. I definitely keep the unread books separate from those I have read. Even when I had a large number of them and no shelf for them, they were separate and stacked on the floor in my bedroom.

    Now, happily, they live atop a bookcase in my office.

    Thanks for sharing…and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES


  4. I used to have many, many bookshelves filled with my TBR. I cleaned off eight ceiling-to-floor shelves and vowed to only keep what fits under my bed. Turns out there is quite a bit of space under my bed!


  5. I was going to say that I keep all of my unread books on one or two shelves and then I looked over at my bookcase in our living room and realized that’s not true. They’re everywhere. Thanks for showing me how unorganized I am. Really, really appreciate it. 😛


  6. I keep my unread books separate from the books I have read; it makes it so much easier to choose my next read if I can see all of my unread options together.


  7. I keep my unread books on a special shelf (usually two deep) in the order in which I acquire them (constant shuffling up) and then they go into … oh. Piles on my desk, piles by the shelves they should be shelved on. Oops. I now also have a registering bookcase (books I want to pass on but haven’t put on BookCrossing yet) and a BookCrossing box (books that were already registered and the ones I’ve got round to doing).


  8. My books all go on the book shelf in some way or another, it appears organised to myself but anyone else looking at it would think it’s a jumbled mess! Also the ones we have read tend to be the scruffiest looking I find, a result of shamelessly transferring them from bag to bag. Great post!


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