Sunday Salon: Tracking Reading


I never used to track the books I read until a few years ago – I knew that I read a reasonable amount of books each year but had no real idea of how many. I became much more active with other book readers and wanted to know how well I tracked against what they were reading. Since I was already using both Librarything and Goodreads to log my books, I decided to use both in earnest, and use Goodreads’s Reading Challenge to track what I was doing each year..  I’ve found out that I read around 100 books a year – but this doesnt necessarily reflect the size or the quality of the books. As I’m working through my shelves, the larger books are becoming more and more prevalent – these are the 1000+ page tomes that I have been avoiding in favour of the shorter, quicker reads (500 pages and under).

I’ve used Bookcrossing since 2003, but never used it to keep proper track of the books I read – just to keep track of the books that came though my shelves. I noticed that my reviews ended up very sloppy and poor (“enjoyable read” being the most frequent), so when I started writing my blog, I *knew* I had read books, but couldn’t tell anyone what I thought of them.

Even with 400+ books on my actual bookshelf, and having read thousands over the years, it’s rare for me pick up the same (physical) book more than once, even those I haven’t read yet. There is the occasional freebie ebook I like the look of, only for the system to tell me I already have it, but that demonstrates a consistency in the type of books I like more than not remembering what I have in my library!

I rarely share my list of books with anyone else – that’s more out of laziness than anything! I used to do a monthly reading summary post, as well as a “this is what I got this month” post, but often my reviews would come out weeks if not months after the day I read the book, so thought it was more trouble than it was worth (“I read a book and you’ll read what I thought in 4 months time!”).

My blog is also a way to track what I read – sometimes it’s fun to write a review, which then gets published several months after I’ve read it as it reminds me not only what I’ve read, but makes me check that the review I’ve written reflects what I thought of the book


So do you keep track of the books you read? If so, how? If not, why not?



2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Tracking Reading

  1. I’ve always kept track in a reading journal, with figures at the end of each month and annual ones kept on a card, and I keep that up even though I’ve got my book blog now, too. But I don’t schedule as competently as you do!


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