Friday Salon: Museum Visits

Something I haven’t done this year is make decent use of  is the usually free Museum and Art Gallery in Birmingham which, amongst other things, has what is classed as the best collection of Pre-Raphaelite objects in the world.

It’s free to go round the majority of the museum, but they put on additional resources that you may nominal charge for. My reviews of some of their events will be popping up on this blog once in a while.

One thing I have taken part in previously is their guided tours, which is £3 for a 1 hour (ish) tour round some of the items in the museum.  These tours are hosted by the relevant curator in the museum, and as usually, it’s success is dependent on both the curator, and the audience who have joined for the day.

I’ve had one not great tour, but most of the time they’re very enjoyable, where the curators not only know their stuff, but are amiable and passionate about their subject.  Most of the audience are middle aged or older (many are clearly retired and have joined Friends of the Museum), but there are occasional the under 45s turn up too.

So anyway, I’ve trawled through the calendar on the website above, and slotted the dates into my calendar. I can only go out on the weekends due to work commitments, and therefore some of the curated works are off the list.

Anyone make use of their local museum? is it free to enter, or do you have to pay for some or all of it?

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