Sunday Salon: 11 Book Nerd Problems



Here are my 11 worst thing about always having your nose in a book: 

  1. Finishing one book and realising the next one is hours away (usually when you’re on a 5 hour trip, the battery on your audiobook backup has failed, and you will get to your destination after the bookshops have closed). Especially when….
  2. You realise just how many books you have to read even once.
  3. You realise just how many books you want to read again
  4. Knowing you can take only one book with you, and have to choose between the one with 100 pages left (that might just last you) or start the new one (so you wont find out what happens in the first one till later….).
  5. Choosing a book to take with you, only to find the last 80 pages are the beginning of the next book
  6. People wanting to talk to you whilst in public (e.g. at lunch or on the train) even when it’s clear you just want to read
  7. Choosing handbags based on how big a book you can fit inside
  8. Mispronouncing words because you’ve never actually heard them out loud—you’ve only read them in books.
  9. Watching an adaptation and the need to point out when they *get it wrong* (or chop bits out)…..BUT GIMLI IS A BRUNETTE!
  10. Finding out that coworkers not only don’t like the books you do, but admit they don’t read
  11. Family members who don’t hear the “I haven’t read this so I need it back” when lending them a book, only for them to give it away when finished and you never see it again

 Do you have any problems to add to the list?



11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: 11 Book Nerd Problems

    • sometimes can be overwhelming just how many books I have still to read even once, so being stuck without something to read is darn right annoying!


  1. Being stuck on “You are next in line for this title” for at least three days for two books and neither one coming in so you’re stuck not reading anything! That’s where I am right now 😦 Hoping those folks finish soon especially since I know the books are short books.


    • For me, it’s like waiting for publication date of a book I’ve pre-ordered (I HATE that term) in the book store! Hurry up already!


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