Friday Salon: Personal or Gifts?

What proportion of your stitching is for your own personal use versus gifts?

In terms of volume, much of my stitching starts out as stuff for myself. I have quite a few pictures on my wall, and lavender sachets in my drawers.

However, when I do make gifts for people, they may be low on volume, but are often high on size and effort. Presents include a 40th birthday present for my cousin which took about 6 months to complete, a wedding present for my brother (which took over 4 months to complete), a picture for my sister’s birthday of a hot air balloon on which she took a ride the previous year (which only took me 4 weeks to complete), a wedding gift for a cousin etc.

Smaller gifts include the lavender sachets, which I like making up, often keep for myself, but are great little items to have as stand by for unexpected guests/situations



3 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Personal or Gifts?

  1. In the past four years of stitching I have made a small picture for myself (it was a kit from Liberty of London) and a needlework pillow for my bed. The rest has been a solid turn out for the loved ones in my life. It’s pretty crazy!


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