Friday Salon: Is every craft dominated by the Americans?

I’ve been to exhibition shows such as “Festival Of Quilts” and “Knitting and Stitching” enough times to know just how many people in the UK and Western Europe who have interest in crafts, from books, to sewing, quilting, knitting etc.

However, I’ve recently set up a few Alerts on Google, to see if there are any topics, items of interest etc. that I can post about here. And every single one of the items that come up are from the Americans. Blog posts, craft shows, you name it, the Americans do it (on the internet at least) more than the Europeans.

What’s the reasoning for this? Am I doing the alert wrong (it’s possible, but….). Of the thousands of people who go to the shows, support the fabric and yarn shops etc in Europe, does not a single one of them publish anything anywhere? A good percentage of the people who go to these shows are over 60, granted, but there are plenty of people under 60 who also go – do NONE of them write about what they do?

So in order to prove me wrong and show that the UK crafters are at least as good and as productive as the Americans – who should we be paying attention to? What websites, blogs, tweeters etc should we be following?  Who or What should I be on the lookout for?




6 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Is every craft dominated by the Americans?

  1. I don’t know which sort of “Americans” you meant, but I live in Canada. Which makes me a North American? Anywho, I feel The UK has a solid reputation online for being crafty. If you have Instagram, you should follow Katie Jones Knit, her work makes me want to give up the colonialist’s dream and move back to the home county.


    • I have google alerts for quilting, knitting etc, and am struggling to find posts written by Europeans. Most seem to be by US Americans. That’s not to say we’re not doing it, perhaps we’re just not good about talking about it (or I’m not looking in the right places!).

      Will think about Instagram, thanks for the tip!

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  2. I’ve never gone looking for this kind of content so can’t help much with ideas of blogs or people to follow. But my experience of various trips to the states is that crafting is much bigger than in uk. There are far more stores that sell materials making it easier to get the items needed plus there is a greater variety


    • Birmingham has an advantage in that we have the annual “Festival of Quilts”, which brings in masses of people and stall holders (so I KNOW there’s a market) – but where are the bloggers talking about it?


  3. I have a passion for sewing, which does have to take a back seat when it comes to writing (and earning a living) but I do think it’s fascinating to play to your strengths, so I drag crafting and sewing into book launches when I can.
    In terms of bloggers that I follow, Lisa Lam (U-Handbag) is always an inspiration. The other place that is ALIVE with makers and sewers is a facebook group called the British Steampunk Assembly. Obviously they have a particular style in mind, but as a group of people they have an astonishing amount of experience and knowledge


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