Sunday Salon: Book Blogger Purist?

The Sunday Salon

Are you a book blogger purist? Do you only have book related posts or do you review/post on anything/everything that catches your eye?

On this blog I write primarily on books of what ever genre takes my fancy.  I occasionally write on other topics that take my fancy, but are usually book related – e.g. if I see a newspaper article that interests me and I think I have something to say, then I’ll write about that.

In late 2014, I decided to close one of my other blogs down as I had not been paying it any (enough) attention once I set my book blog up. So regular readers will have noticed that some of the sewing/crafting posts have made it over onto this blog as I closed the other one down. It was a bit of a wrench, as it was my first blog, but at the end of the day, I simply wasn’t paying it enough attention and I wanted to recognise another part of myself as a blogger.

The craft related posts have been of mixed success but it’s still early days yet, and I’ll like to see where it goes from here – I dont want to lose the work I did in the other site, but I’ve been struggling with keeping the two going.

For something that’s short, but which I dont have enough to write a full post (usually a link to a webpage I found interesting), I tend to put out a tweet or two for anyone who has been paying attention.

So what about you, dear reader? Books only or do you have anything else?


11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Book Blogger Purist?

  1. It’s books and anything reading related for me Nordie. So that will include the future of libraries which I’m very passionate about. I have another blog which is related to my interest in family history but I do find it difficult to maintain the two, as yiu experienced. Combining them isn’t really an option though.


  2. It’s book reviews and book related posts only for me. I do monthly, yearly round ups, talk about book prizes, reading events and acquisitions, but in the main it’s reviews.


  3. I started off writing my blog about hypnosis. It was an experiment thing. After my hypnosis course I felt I needed to try new things. Like writing a blog. However I realised, quite quickly, that I have lots of interests and like to write. Writing, I now think, is what I enjoy doing. It’s a sort of diary, soundboard thing. It incorporates hypnosis, NLP, Reiki, books, dog walking, nothing much. It’s good to branch out I think. Keep trying your crafting inroads, although I’m more a reader than a crafter, blogs are for you as well as others.


  4. My blog, Head Full of Books, is mainly about books though I occasionally write about other things, but usually of a bookish subject. MY SUNDAY SALON is a weekly update of my doings, not just what I read. I started the blog to communicate with my students. I don’t think most of them read it so I had to retrench and decided tt is my blog and it is mainly for me, so i write about what i want to. Take a look around and see what you think. Follow the link below and then click on home.

    My Sunday Salon


  5. Gah. Pressed post too soon! I used to have separate blogs for my various interests, but it was impossible to keep up with them all, so they merged into one, which I still have problems keeping updated haha! I still mainly blog about books though 🙂


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