Friday Salon: How do you rate your sewing techinque?

Like so many sewists, I have a perennial inferiority complex about my sewing. Part of this is based in well-founded fact. When I first returned to sewing a dozen years ago, I was very rusty in my skills and it took a while working with my hands to awaken the memory of lost techniques. But there wasn’t a whole lot to awaken. I had developed only the basics of sewing knowledge in my early years, and most of my work was driven by the passion to make.

Above is a quote from the Sew Daily article How Do You Rate Your Sewing Technique?

If I am honest, my sewing technique is very rusty mainly because I simply don’t make use of the skills I have or learn new ones. I was taught several stitches whilst at school, along with knitting etc (my mother will admit that her sewing skills are not top of the list of things she taught my sister and me, though she will insist that it was she, and not “the nuns” that taught me knitting).sewing with needle

The only sewing stitch that I’ve brought with me into adult life is the cross stitch. Two tiny little stitches made into a cross to make up a pattern.

The other stitch I seem to be reasonable with is backstitch. This is used to a reasonable extent within cross stitch in order to outline various figures. I have recently been doing some hand stitching to play around with some quilt strips and have realised that I can get quite a nice rhythm up and the stitches can be quite small. In effect, it’s only making use of the backstitch, but without the use of the aida forcing the size of the stitch. I can’t stitch in a straight line and always need a guiding line on the wrong side to help keep me in line!

So I’m good at the few stitches that I know and enjoy, but am poor at all the others. I will never win awards with my sewing.

What about you and your stitching?

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