Sunday Salon: Blogging for fun or a living?

The Sunday Salon

I wrote a variation of this post a few years ago and thought I’d update it

Right now I am  still blogging for fun. I want to share the books I read and my thoughts on books and writing in general with people.  I don’t make *any* money from this (although I do get my hands on some very lovely goodies from authors and publishers right now).

Of course, I wouldn’t necessarily turn down money if I was asked to do this for a living.  I have turned down money from certain companies who offer me money to write reviews – because all they are are middle men, and charge the authors the money to guarantee reviews.  There seemed to be nothing in place to ensure that the review was written based on the reviewer actually reading the book and not writing something based purely on some kind of blurb  (2012 was a year that exposed this behaviour as being rife in certain parts of the publishing industry which has made me reticent to even get involved).

Would I do it as a full time job for one or more credible companies?  Sure.  I’m already reading on an ad-hoc basis for publishers, when they release ARCs to selected people in exchange for a review.  If they offered me money as well as the book to read, I wouldn’t necessarily turn them down. In the short term however, I’m happy getting good books from good people and I hope I do them a decent level of service.

So what about you – are you still writing reviews for fun or are you getting something back (money or something else) to recognise your reading of that specific book?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Blogging for fun or a living?

    • Making it full time job would mean I would have to read what I was paid to, not what I wanted, which is always the same thing though…..


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