Friday Salon: Complicated much?

What is the most complicated piece you’ve ever completed?


I’ve done quite a few pieces that I would consider complicated.


The one I did, and swore that I would never attempt again was Mary Hickmott’s “Horus”, that took me about 6 months to do. It was done in multiple colours over linen (which I decided I HATE!), as well as using Krenick metallic thread – which kept breaking and smelt awful! I swore I would never attempt it again, but needless to say, I saw another kit of this at a show I was at a few years later, and for some reason brought it. One day, perhaps!

HorusThis one is a Lavender and Lace item – code LL019 – which i started for one brother’s wedding, but didnt complete – again it was on linen, this time with multiple shades of white (PLUS beading!).  My other brother got married a few years later and I did complete it this time – on 16 ct Aida!





4 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Complicated much?

    • I rarely do the biggies twice, often because they can take 8 months or more, at which point I’m usually bored of them and hate them, so move onto something new…..

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    • I do a purge once every couple of years, and the last time was very strict. I threw out so many uncompleted wips (kept the charts), on the basis that they were just a source of negativity at the time. Cost me money of course, but there we are!


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