Friday Salon: What do you collect?

Several years ago there was a piece on the BBC World Service about what people collect. The majority of people seemed to collect books, though there was the odd vinyl and coin collector in there too.
My primary collection is books: The majority of them I give away after reading, but some I keep. My Persephone book;. My Hardback books from writers such as Terry Pratchett, Jonathon Kellerman, Jasper Fforde etc. Some of them have been signed by the writer, most not.
As someone who does crafts, I also have stash “collections”. Fabric; threads; buttons; needles, wool; magazine; patterns; books. Does that count?

Previously I’ve posted about collecting things, telling of my button collection. I’ve just been reminded that I collect other things too: namely things to do with wrapping. So wrapping paper (both plain and patterned, shiny or matt), sellotape, gift bags, bows and ribbon. There was a time when it was my job, in the run up to Christmas, to wrap presents on behalf of other people. So my brother’s presents for my sister, my mother’s gifts to family friends etc.

Now there are so many people in our immediate family, we’ve changed our gift giving, so it’s rare for me to have to do much wrapping any more.

I’ve never had the interesting in making my own wrapping paper (e.g. stamping plain paper). Youtube is great for finding ways of wrapping unusual shaped presents (hint: if in doubt put it in a box!). Bottles are relatively easy to wrap, if you dont mind it looking like a bottle (wrap in tissue paper and then put in one of the sleeves designed specifically for bottles).
So what do you do for wrapping presents? Got any plans for making your own wrapping paper or decorations? (I must dig out that webpage giving instructions for rainbow weave).


So what do *you* collect?



2 thoughts on “Friday Salon: What do you collect?

  1. What do I collect? newspaper/magazine articles that I think will be helpful in the future to point me to that perfect hotel or restaurant. and then when the time comes to book I totally forget I have the article……


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