Sunday Salon: Adding blog content


What is your favourite electronic device to use to add posts and content to your blog? Example: Your phone, your computer, your iPad, or another device?

I add posts and cntent using a laptop, usually straight into the wordpress interface. I’m old fashioned and find it easier using a mouse and keyboard in order to type, cut and paste, format, add links etc.  I simply dont have the same control using an ipad!  I have the opportunity to post via email, but I’m not convinced that the formatting I wish would be maintained via the email interface, so it’s not something i often use. However, I’ve recently found that the formatting interface for WordPress, especially when it comes to pictures, doesn’t render posts like I would like it to, so it’s a tad frustrating (I have to write posts the way WordPress will allow, not how I want them to look!)

I try and ensure that the last check of my posts are done on a machine where there is at least some form of basic spell check. Whilst I like to think my spelling is fabulous,  I know that my typing is less so, so I try to run a post through to see if I can spot some deliberate mistakes!

How do you do the majority of your blogging?


One thought on “Sunday Salon: Adding blog content

  1. I do most of my content creation direct into WordPress. I could just as easily do it in a word processing program and then copy/paste but I sort of got into the habit with WordPress. It does have its frustrations though -right now mine is that the toolbar with the buttons to format the colour and size have disappeared and I can’t find any way to retrieve them.

    If Im travelling then I have to use the iPad but its a lot more cumbersome


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