Friday Salon: To glass or not to glass?

When I get my cross stitch framed up, I usually have glass put in front of it. This is usually for protection from dust etc (my current apartment is notoriously dusty, even when I do clean!). I have yet to notice a problem with any of my items I get to see, even 15 years after getting them framed. the only time i’ve had trouble was when I was transporting an item, the glass broke and left a crack across the front!  I left the glass broken for several years, until I got fed up – I wasnt prepared to pay for it to be reframed and reglassed, so ripped all the glass off and left it free.

However, I overheard someone the other day say “oh you should never glass cross stitch due to the bugs that can develop behind it”. So yes, there’s always the risk that mould, damp, bugs etc can be caught behind the glass and damage the fabric.

So what’s your preference? Do you glass or not?


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