Sunday Salon: Recording ideas


Previously I wrote on how I load content into my blog, and this a related post.

  • Not all my posts are straight book review posts. Some, like this one, are “free text” on a specific subject, and have taken over from the random “blog prompts” that I used to do whenever the urge took me! Now these posts are slightly more regular, in that the book related posts go out on a Sunday, and craft related ones go out on a Friday.   Many of these posts have already been written – to a better or worse quality! – and scheduled in advance. It gives a certain structure to the blog, but also allows me to forward plan and think on the other posts I want or need to write.
  • I have an unpublished post on this blog where I dump prompts or ideas for potential posts, in some form of theme (“top tens”, “favourite…..” etc). When I’m feeling inspired, I reach into that post to look for a subject I might be interested in, and start riffing on that. It’s very rare that I’ll have a post ready to go in one sitting, so I save it as a draft, and come back to it maybe days, weeks or months later and tweak it. Some posts are better than others and some are more successful than others.  I might not do a post related directly to a specific topic (e.g. “book with a red cover”), but I might spin that off into a post on which covers attract me, and the type of cover that will make me buy a book or put me off.
  • Once the specific post is well on its way, I will schedule it well in advance (some time in 2022 for instance) – this is a trick I picked up somewhere, after I had hit the “publish” button on one too many unformed and incomplete posts. Not only does this help me not publish a post before it’s ready, but once done it allows me to move posts around and schedule them as I feel fit – this can be anything to 4 months in advance!

So how about you, constant reader – how do you capture and develop ideas?



5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Recording ideas

  1. You are super organised in scheduling posts like this. I know it’s recommended practice but I’ve never got into the habit. I do have plenty of incomplete draft posts but somehow they stay drafts! I’m interested in the prompts you mention – how does that work?


    • I collect topics from other websites, e.g. blogs or even bookshops sites, and since I’m rarely in the position to write about it there or then, they get saved in a big post. Whenever I feel the need to write something, I trawl through this collection and write about anything that takes my fancy. Sometimes I dont write to the original topic, sometimes it’ll kick something else off

      You are certainly happy to have a copy – email me an address (my details are on the site, or DM me over on twitter) and I’ll send you a copy.


  2. I jot down all future post ideas in a notebook that I carry with me pretty much all of the time! It seems to work out well for me to track the ideas. I’m not as good at acting on them, though!


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