Book Review: Mistletoe Magic by Linda Palmer

mistletoe magicJordyn Patrick, daughter of Magical parents, has waited 18 years for her powers, but so far…nothing. To make matters worse, her parents have separated, which means driving from Arkansas to Tennessee through a blizzard to get to her dad’s for Christmas Eve. When her car skids off a lonely highway and slams into a tree, Rio Scott rescues her. She quickly figures out he’s Magical, too. His offer to drive her to her dad’s is a shocker, but nothing compared to what’s waiting for them when they get there. Can Jordyn and Rio save her dad from the black magic wiles of his new lady friend, Morgan? And what will happen when a jealous Morgan turns her evil eye on Jordyn?

Can’t remember where I picked this story up from, but I found it whilst trawling my e-reader for my next book. It looked short, and since it’s near Christmas, seemed like a good idea.

It’s a YA story (apparently) where Rio is 20, she’s 18-ish. There are some sexually charged situations, but it gets interrupted fairly quickly, so overall it’s clean.

This is going to be a short review – it’s a short book after all. Easily read in a few hours and suitable for a lazy afternoon’s reading.  Jordyn and Rio seem to have a strong relationship from the beginning, and it’s partly through him that Jordyn gets to find her inner strength.

Did roll my eyes a little when it came to the altered spelling of things – Jordyn, Magykal etc (typical teenager, tinkering with spellings as if it hadn’t been done before) but it is a small gripe in an otherwise reasonable, distracting short read.



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