Friday Salon: Hoop or no Hoop?

Cant remember what kicked off this post, but just a quick question – do you use a hoop when sewing? Frames? or do you sew with just the fabric?

Most of the time I use a hoop. This is to keep the fabric stretched so that I can get the same tension in my stitches, so there is no bunching etc. I have quite a few hoops, and which one I use depends on not only the size of the fabric, but whether I want to have both hands free to stitch – some of the hoops I have have extensions to them, which means I get to attach them to a table, or slop the extension under my arm.

I dont use hoops for hand quilting – yet. I’m not at that stage of my quilting to need tension in doing the acthoops embrioderyual quilting.  When I have done some hand sewing of fabric, I have liked the fact that I can get a rhythmn going with the little stitches which can be quite soothing in a way. I have yet to do basting of multiple layers but suspect that I will need to use a frame then, if only to keep the multiple pieces of fabric together.

I used to have a floor based frame, but rarely used it, and dont use it now – it was slipped under the bed a few years ago, and I dont even know if it has all the parts yet. They do take up an awful lot of space and I’m not sewing enough to have one permenantly rigged up in my living space.

So what about yourselves? When, if ever, do you use one?


2 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Hoop or no Hoop?

  1. For me, when I use a hoop depends on mainly how many colors are used in the pattern and a little on how large the project is. If there are a large amount of colors, I feel like moving the hoop around would be incredibly time consuming. I have a pattern I do with one color and I like using a hoop for that one.

    I actually started using a hoop not too long ago. I stitched for most of the time I’ve been cross-stitching without one because I wasn’t aware that it was one of the staples for stitching. Can’t believe I went so long without one.


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