Sunday Salon: Are you a monogamous reader?

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When it comes to reading books, most of the time I will have one book on the go at a time.  It makes it easier for me to be “in” the book, not be distracted with other  books or story lines, and was a concious effort to slow my reading down a little.

Sometimes I will have more than one book on the go at a time and this will be for a variety of reasons.

  • There will be one in the handbag for reading on the bus, during lunch, grabbing a quick cuppa whilst out shopping, with the other book safely at home waiting to be picked up.  This second book will have to be a different genre to the first one – Sci-fi vs Historical Fiction or Romance for example. Or it could be a massive tome (e.g. a Ken Follett) which will never fit in the handbag and which will need a good long run at reading a chapter.
  • It can be because I’ve got to a point in book 1 where I need a quick distraction into another book to give me a quick boot up the back end to get me back into book 1. Or it might simply prove that I need to discard book 1 as a lost cause if I find myself not wanting to go back to it.
  • If I catch myself reading book 3, then one of these needs to be short. A novella or graphic novel for example, one that can be read in a short spurt (e.g. the bath) where a larger book just isnt worth it.

So what about you, dear reader? How many books can you have on the go at the same time?


20 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Are you a monogamous reader?

  1. Haha, for some reason I only read different books in the morning. I can wake up and read a chapter of whatever novel I’m reading, and then maybe a chapter of a christian book, and then whatever else I feel like, all before I leave bed. Apart from that I always stick to the same book.


  2. I’m generally reading a novel and a non-fiction book at the same time… and sometimes if the novel is depressing or sad or taking a while to get going, I also read something lighter and shorter that I know I’ll enjoy, probably something I can read in one or two sittings. I generally have at least two books and my kindle in my handbag at any one time (this is a bad habit that has led to several injured handbags and one injured back, so I wouldn’t recommend it).


  3. I always have a handful going and don’t have any rules like only one non-fiction or needing different eras in fiction. It’s probably an attention span problem….and surprisingly, often leads to a much fuller reading/learning experience.


    • hey, whatever works for you. Always interesting to hear how other people read – do you write reviews for public consumption, and if so, how does your reading style affect your reviews (if at all)?


  4. Oh man I usually have about five books going at once. Usually they are all different in some way so I can read according to my mood, but the bigger reason is because I have a helpful 10 month old that runs off with my books so I spend more time looking verses reading.


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