Reading Challenge 2016 – my signup

Following on from my post about 2016 reading challenges, I had a twitter conversation with TheBookVixen, who pointed me in the direction of the NovelChallenge website.MY READER'S BLOCK_ 2016 Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Of course, it would be rude not to follow through on a tip, and whilst there I found the MyReadersBlock blog (that I’m sure I’ve seen before) and the MT TBR challenge.  Since my stated challenge in 2016 is to get through my TBR, I’ve decided to sign up.

Check the website for the challenge and the rules, but I’m going to state my level at: Mt. Kilimanjaro: where I will read 60 books from my TBR pile/s.

Based on previous reading levels (of between 60 and 110 books a year) this shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve.

I’m not going to produce a list of the books I intend to read over the next year as I know that immediately will turn me off the book and I’ve condemned it to an immediate non-read which is not the point of this challenge

Who’s with me on this one?


One thought on “Reading Challenge 2016 – my signup

  1. Good luck with this. I tried a TBR challenge last year but didn’t get much further than half way. I think it was the problem you mentioned in your last sentence – the minute I listed what books I would read, I seemed to lose interest in them


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