Rendezvous: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy by Elinor Groves

RendezvousWhere Immortals Come to Play…

Annie Bloom runs the newest branch of Rendezvous, an exclusive luxury resort for the immortal fey, and arranges a gala soireé to celebrate its anniversary. Just as a committee from the Board of Directors arrives to evaluate her work, she is surprised by a marriage proposal from her very mortal lover, Sean, who maintains the elegant gardens at Rendezvous.

Juggling the soireé, the committee, a flying horse that wants to eat her garden, several hundred pixies, and an old nemesis, she doesn’t have time for proposals. Then another fey, newly arrived, takes a disturbing interest in Sean. Annie is distraught: should she let Sean go now for his own good, or risk breaking both their hearts later on when he grows old and she remains eternally young?

From the LibraryThing November 2015 Early Reviewers batch, published by Book View Cafe.  Whilst this is marked as a “Romantic Comedy” don’t go in expecting it to be a laugh a minute slapstick romp – it’s rather better than that! Yes situations can be amusing, making you smile, and there’s one sexy romp in a grove, but otherwise it’s a fairly straightforward love story (with added magic).

The setup and execution of the story are done well, with no heavy-handed info dump happening to bring the reader up to speed, and things often only hinted out when classed as ancient history.  Love happens where it happens, so there’s a mixture of love between the sexes (and the non-sexes when it comes to the pixies).    The use of magic makes things easy – so no heavy lifting when tidying up furniture after a raucous party – and the presence of the Rendezvous’ House Steward takes away the boring mundane party preparation that can so easily bore the reader.

Annie is new in Las Vegas and is preparing for the first evaluation of her work by the Board of Directors.  It is the few weeks before, during and after Annie’s exclusively Fey party that is the subject of this book. There’s a new Fey in town, looking for help, but it turns out that people know her from the last time she was in town – and there’s more history with this woman than Annie is prepared to deal with.

Meanwhile, she doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that Sean has proposed to her, and she doesn’t know whether to accept or turn him down – especially when there is talk of banning marriages between Fey and Mortals. In the back of her mind there’s also the wonder whether he is in fact, at least part-Fey himself.   Meanwhile, there are visitors for the party and not all of them are expected or necessarily welcome. Annie also has to deal with the fact that her assistant is intelligent, bright, but rather Mortal, so Annie has to be careful what to do or say in front of her.

This is a good take on the romance novel, with a decent level of humour, so it doesn’t take itself *too* seriously. The Fey world presents enough of a challenge to the reader so as to not to make this a run of the mill romance.  There’s enough scope in this world to make it possible for subsequent books to be written and I would certainly read another one from this author

About this Author

Elinor Groves lives in Northern New Mexico and loves the Southwest for its architecture, views, and restaurants. She has been known to visit Las Vegas, where she enjoys shows and dining and the occasional poker game. She has been writing forever.



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