State of the Union (Blogger Resolutions 2015 Update)

Following on from my 2015 Blogger Resolutions, I thought I’d do the same as last year, and do a recap of how things stand against my “objectives”.

  • Double subscribers to this blog (to 600, excluding twitter followers)
    • Nearly made it, getting to 580 followers!
  • Double annual page hits to this blog (to 12000)
    • Didn’t even get close – there were several months where I didn’t even read, never mind post reviews, so this really didn’t happen.  I was in a gnat’s breath of meeting last year’s numbers though….
  • Double twitter followers to @brumnordie (to 600)
    • My twitter did increase from ~300 to hovering around the 480 mark. Generally happy with this
  • Streamline the blogs I follow, removing duplicates, adding more
    • I unfollowed a lot of sites, not only blogs, and I am likely to pay attention to the ones I still follow. My mailbox thanks me for it!
  • Read and review 75 books. 50% to be paperbooks or audiobooks. Once again I read over 100 books in 2014, but many of those were freebie romances.
    • Like I’ve mentioned, there was a period in the middle of the year where I barely read anything. Therefore, I read approximately 60 books, some of which were romances (such as the Erica Ridley #DukesofWar series) and the Winemaker Detective series, both of which are relatively short. I dont think it was a 50:50 split, but I certainly read more paperbooks
  • Take part in #TBR20 (from, where I will not “purchase” another book until I have read 20 of the ones I already have. This includes the freebies from amazon, as well as the galleys from sites like netgalley.
    • I picked up few books (e.g. the last Pratchett books) and only a couple from NetGalley – usually the next ones in a series, such as The Winemaker Detective, and the aforementioned Dukes Of War series
  • Include links to purchase, twitter or website, where known
    • Did this, but was inconsistent. 
  • Include author on at least 1 review tweet, where known
    • Did this, but was inconsistent. Did have some light, but nice interactions with most of those authors I did include
  • Post every other day
    • There was a period in the middle of the year that I barely read, never mind produce any reviews, so I didn’t do too well here
  • Migrate pages from my now defunct site at with a view to shut that site down completely.
    • This was done and the site was closed down
  • Include @sorchaogle in any craft related posts
    • Done
  • Ensure about and contact details are maintained and up to date.
    • I even put up an update regarding the fact that I was taking no more review requests until I was in a better place
  • Make use of scheduling and planning software as appropriate.
  • Make better use of hashtags on twitter
    • I paid more attention to my google alerts (tweaked them to be less American-centric) and used Hootsuite to schedule those tweets I thought interesting.  Hashtags and photographs were used as appropriate. Post scheduling planning could have been done better, especially later in the year, when I started posting again in earnest
  • Take part in blogging challenges, such as Bloggiesta, as and when I remember!
    • I took part in Bloggiesta and armchair BEA, but no real other challenges. I did take part in both @blogtacular and @brumhour chats when I remembered
  • Continue doing more non-review posts, such as Sunday Salon posts, which I hope people find interesting – they certainly generate comments!
    • Sunday Salon posts, as well as my craft related ones certainly generated traffic as well as comments

I will be looking to have similar objectives going into next year. Does anyone else have plans for 2016?


One thought on “State of the Union (Blogger Resolutions 2015 Update)

  1. Well done on achieving your objectives under the reading-lull circumstances! I have a periodic “I’m going to stop this blogging lark” thing at this time every year, then remember I’m doing readalongs and it’s nice for the other people to have linkbacks and feedback and general jollity and keep plodding on. I’m going to make more time for reading next year – or rather, continue to do so after a successful end-of-December doing just that. Happy reading for 2016!


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