Great things in Blogging 2015

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 2 of Parajunkee’s New Year Challenge and the question is: Great Things in Blogging 2015?

For much of my year, my blog was taken up with using up my remaining backlog of posts. It allowed me to take the pressure off myself in terms of reading (and producing the level of output I had set myself) for this blog, but on the other hand, I did take my eye off the ball for a bit, so there were several months that I didn’t publish, and my numbers did drop. However, there was never a day that I didn’t get at least some traffic – even if I did have to force the issue a little in terms of social media pushes etc!

One of my resolutions last year was to take a serious look at the blogs that I followed and get rid of those one that were clogging up my inbox and I was never reading. I’ve culled a lot of blogs, gained a few new ones, but overall find that when I get the mail, I want to at least read what they’re saying, if not necessarily comment (though the proportion of blogs I’m commenting on is getting higher).

I have also tried to be more mindful of chats on social media – such as the weekly blogtacular chat on twitter that happens on a Wednesday evening (9 pm GMT). It allows me to catch up with other bloggers – not just those who write about books – and see where things are. Sometimes it’s a bit of an ego boost that I am able to give tips to others (who seem appreciative) but in turn, I can get tips in return.  It’s a great way of interacting with people without necessarily having to churn out yet another blog post into the void.  One day I will also turn up to one of their annual conferences!

I don’t know if it is me or other people, but both authors and publishers have been active on social media in 2015. It’s now a running joke in the office that I can’t/shouldn’t interact with book people on twitter as I have a tendency to “win” stuff – generally books. Ultimately it’s not a bad thing (!) and I do blog about their books (eventually!) but I think it’s a positive thing overall.

I like that I am getting “repeat” customers – authors who I have read before, and are contacting me again to read subsequent books. This is a mix of people: local authors I have physically met, who know that I will not only read their books but will write a review and promote the hell out of it subsequently on social media; publishers on sites like Netgalley who will email me when a new book by a certain author is released (ok, I’m on a pre-approved list and this is possibly meaningless but I don’t care); Publishers who have me on their lists and will send me emails regarding people I have read before to see if I want to read the next book; etc etc.





7 thoughts on “Great things in Blogging 2015

  1. I think you are doing great overall! I am just starting out, but I can see you know exactly what you want out of your blog! Based off of this and your Resolutions post, you are on a great track! I am very mindful of the blogs I follow by email and such because I know that I don’t want 349u83905 blogs in my inbox! I am also stepping up my commenting game, as I have dedicated so much time each day to checking out blogs, old and new, and commenting on things that interest me!

    Punkie @Fluttering Hearts Reviews
    My Blogging Challenge Day 2 Post


    • good luck as you go forward in your endeavours! Sometimes I like to have loads of emails, but when it gets to the point that I delete most of them without reading them, then it’s time to delete and unsubscribe…


    • Happy New Year to you too, thanks for your comment and good wishes. Decluttering takes much weight off the shoulders, especially when you realise you’re deleting without reading most/all of them

      Good luck!


  2. I use feedly as my blog aggregator, so they’re all there to look at when I choose to, not jumping into my inbox constantly. I save the ones I want to read and reply to, and have sessions going through them and commenting. I haven’t joined any of the twitter conversations really and should look into that!


    • I haven’t worked out my aggregator, and I’m not entirely sure it’s available at work (ahem….) so email seems to work. I have changed some to be only on the wordpress reader, and I find that I dont seem to check that very often.

      Twitter conversations like Brumhour (8pm on a Sunday) is very useful conversation if you ever get the chance


  3. I love “repeat business” with authors! You get to know them better and get to continue reading something you know you will more than likely enjoy. I love that you cleaned you who/what you follow. It is something I need to do this year. All my feeds (twitter, emails, bloglovin, FB, etc) are all a mess and I miss so much.


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