Negative things in Blogging to Avoid

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 3 of Parajukee’s New Year’s Challenge and the question is The negative things in blogging 2015 to avoid in 2016.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took my eye off the ball when it came to blogging for much of last year. However, this allowed me to keep away from some of the flameouts that seemed to happen between authors and bloggers, especially during the middle of the year.

I’m not going to provide links – partly because I’ve not kept them and I am certainly not going looking for them, but rest assured, it’s the same old same old shit that happens:

  • Bloggers post non-5 star reviews about a book. Some are actually targetted at the book itself, some at the author
  • Author of said book (usually self-published/minor league) takes offense, posts vitriol against said blogger
  • Turns into Author (and their gang) versus Blogger (and their gang) doing a Mexican standoff in terms of who is right and who gets to call who what.

I thought the Katherine Hale episode was 2015, but it turns out to be late 2014 but still – holy shit.

In essence, in 2016, I still plan to keep out of arguments between authors and reviewers, and pray each day that I don’t get involved in one myself! When writing reviews, I do try to write about the book and my reaction to it – the worst that’s happened to me is that an author caught me calling her the wrong name on social media. Thankfully she was graceful enough about it, and caught me early enough to allow me to correct further tweets about her.

Whilst authors are getting better at social media etc, I’m finding that some (mainly the smaller, less well-known authors) are still not doing themselves any favours. I’ve seen an increase in the number of submissions for review and despite a clear and extensive review policy, authors are ignoring my criteria (no attachments, no poetry etc). Instant fail in the request front!


2 thoughts on “Negative things in Blogging to Avoid

  1. I like to believe that most authors and reviewers are professional about bad reviews and slip ups and it is just the small portion of people who don’t know how to respond properly that we hear the most about. I have to agree with all of your things on your list. I hope 2016 sees an end, or at least a decrease in the bad behavior.


    • For those people who don’t respond in the best way, I do wonder what’s going on in their wider life. Do they react this way to any criticism? Do they feel attacked and belittled in their personal life so assume that they’ve also being picked on by strangers? What do their family and friends think of their behaviour and do they put up with it?


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