Must HAVE books of 2016

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 4 of Parajukee’s New Year’s Challenge and the question is Must HAVE books of 2016.

To be fair, I’ve not been watching the up-coming book lists for a couple of years, so have no idea what’s due when.  Sad to say, there will be no more Terry Pratchett Discworld books, for obvious reasons. However, apparently there’s a new Pratchett/Baxter book (The Long Cosmos) due out at the end of June that I’m going to keep my eye on. I have all the other books in the series in hardback (though I haven’t read them!).

I know that Stephen King has released several books since Doctor Sleep, and many of them will be coming out in paperback in 2015 if not 2016, so I might keep an eye out for them.

Otherwise – there’s nothing on my list!


6 thoughts on “Must HAVE books of 2016

    • I do have a theory about King books, in that the shorter they are, the better they are adapted for TV/film. The Shawshank Redemption/Misery/Carrie – all fab. Needful Things/The Stand/IT (etc etc) – not so much….so Know where you’re coming from!


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