Best Book(s) of 2015

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 5 of Parajukee’s New Year’s Challenge and the question is Best Book(s) of 2015.

I don’t do “best of” lists at the best of times, and with this year being relatively light in terms of reading, I’m going to struggle in picking a “best of” book.

Perhaps close is “Rhode Island Red” by Charlotte Carter. Not a new publication, but a new-to-me author who came up with a female lead of….well just go read the review eh?!

I also enjoyed “Under a Tripoli Sky” by Kamal Ben Hameda, published Peirene Press.  To  quote their website

Peirene Press is an award-winning boutique publishing house with an extra twist, based in London. We are committed to first class European literature in high-quality translation. Our books are beautifully designed paperback editions, using only the best paper from sustainable British sources. Affordable, timeless collector items. And because literature – both reading and writing – can be a lonely affair, Peirene hosts a wide range of regular literary events, from informal coffee mornings to exciting literary salons and tailor-made, exclusive events.

The book is still on my desk, and it’s already turned into one of those books that I’m loathed to give away (a bit like Persephone Books). Not only is the story rather sweet, but the whole package – like the design of the cover to the way it’s printed – is rather attractive

5 thoughts on “Best Book(s) of 2015

    • I rarely do them as most of the books I read are “good”, so it’s rare that any book I read would be classed as “best”. Think “Longbourn” and “The Panoptican” (now several years old”) were the last books I truly raved about


    • I’ve been reading so many “forward lists” I’ve read few “backlists” and so perhaps have missed several authors/books that I should have been paying attention to. Thanks for the list – it might help me pick up books I missed


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