Worst book(s) of 2015

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 6 of Parajukee’s New Year’s Challenge and the question is Worst Book(s) of 2015.

As with the previous post, I find making lists difficult at the best of times. However, there were a number of books that I failed to finish in 2015 for various reasons. I suggest you read the reviews to find out why if you’re that interested.

 These books are not necessarily published in 2015, I just attempted to read them in 2015.  I will admit that in the last 15 years or so I have become a lot more callous about the books I read. I have too many on my physical and electronic bookshelves to bear with completing the books that I am having trouble with.  There are multiple reasons for this – the topic, the style of writing etc..I think the expression is “too many books, too little time” !  Therefore, I have a tendency to drop books faster than other people would find “normal”.

It’s not necessarily anything aginst the book itself – usually it’s my reaction to it and I hope that the reviews above give some indication as to why I react to a certain book a certain way

2 thoughts on “Worst book(s) of 2015

  1. I don’t think it’s callus to discard a book that isn’t catching your attention- I usually know right away if a book is going to work for me. Occasionally I really need to get into a book before it grabs me, but too many books too little time pretty much sums me up too! Hope 2016 brings all the good books!


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