Top ten blogger peeves of 2015

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 7 of Parajukee’s New Year’s Challenge and the question is Top ten blogger peeves of 2015. I dont have 10 peeves, but here is my list 

  • Social Media is both a help and a hinderance. Some authors (especially the newer/less experienced ones) don’t know when to let it go – or be able to distinguish between commentary on the work and commentary on the author, so pick a fight over it. To quote Frozen “let it go, let it go”. Unless you are in the anti-troll superstar ranks of Joanne Harris or James Blunt (both known for being Troll Baiters) then you’re not going to win.
  • Once again, 2015 saw authors not reading my review policy. Therefore I got requests to review (amongst other things):
    • poetry (top of the list of “things I do not read or review”);
    • badly formatted emails with multiple colours/fonts/links (I’m colour blind, with an attention span for people I don’t know of about 3 seconds – I’m not going searching for details of your books. If you can’t be arsed to tell me, why should I be arsed to go look?) ;
    • emails with books attached (oh, the arrogance that I will read your book, so you send me a copy before I even accept);

9 thoughts on “Top ten blogger peeves of 2015

  1. I’m lucky I don’t get too many of those unsolicited requests. One that did annoy me was a writer who, having seen that I thought the previous book he wrote, was dire, thought I might like his latest one and would I review it……


    • /facepalm

      Even writers who I’ve read for before (and liked) will still ask if I want the next one before sending over


    • I’ve currently got a “am not taking submissions” on my review policy, and will only accept from a small number of authors who I have read before


  2. I was going to be all clever, and leave my response in poem form, but decided against it. 🙂

    I didn’t think to add that to the list- but yes! I do NOT want to read your Alien Sex Slave Time Traveling Literary Fiction book. AT ALL. If someone contacts me without reading my policy, I just don’t bother responding. But it is irksome.


    • “Alien sex slave……”. Wondered where you were going with that for a moment! (Mild panic, did I write about that?!)


  3. Yes, about the people who ask you to read their books and try to send you something that you wouldn’t read if it was the last book on earth. But you know what really gets me – when they’ve written a book and want you to review it, but you have to BUY it! The GALL!


    • That one is explicitly in my review policy as a no-no, after a couple of authors tried that on me too. Not happened recently thankfully!


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