How many books are you reading in 2016?


parajunkee blogger new year's challenge


Day 11 of Parajunkee’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge and today’s topic is as follows: How many books are you reading in 2016? Top books on your TBR?

I never define which books I will read in any given period. I know from experience that simply by deciding to choose a book (e.g. for a book club or to meet some arbitrary qualifier) then it instantly turns me off the book. It changes from enjoying the book to making it a chore, like homework.

Since I’ve been tracking the books I’ve been reading, my consumption has been around the 100 mark. One year I think I did 120, but that’s the year I don’t really remember anything about any of the books I read. When I started 2015 I decided that I would not put a high limit to reach simply to take the pressure off me and let me enjoy the books I was reading. I think I started with a target of 40 and ended up reading 64 books. There hasn’t been a huge rush on me to read the light and short books in the last few weeks of the year in order to meet the target.

This year, I’m going to keep the number at 60 (which also matches the number of books that I’ve chosen for my TBR challenge – surprise!) which should include no books acquired in 2016.

Top books on my TBR are probably the ones sitting on my bedside table, many of which have been around for several years. One is “Amazing Fantastic Incredible” by Stan Lee – a Graphic Novel autobiography that came out a few months ago and that I got as a Christmas Secret Santa present!


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