Reader/Blogger cons you WANT to attend in 2016

parajunkee blogger new year's challenge

Day 13 of Parajukee’s New Year’s Challenge and the question is Reader/Blogger cons you WANT to attend in 2016.

It’s still early days in the planning process, but in September 2016, the UK-wide Bookcrossing event will be held in my home town of Birmingham UK. It’s been a while since we held it, and we’re still trying to find a location, but should be fun.

People come from all over the UK, and from Western Europe, and it starts on Friday night with registration and games. Saturday is the main day, where there are authors, talks, games, break out sessions etc, and the all important “Book Buffet” table. This is where many people bring books they want to “release” (see the main site for rules) and place them on a long set of often 3, 4 or even 5 trestle tables.  People then mooch down the table and take away any books that take their fancy.Book Buffet Table

Places are booked in a number of restaurants around the city and people choose to go to one that’s to their taste and budget. These tend to be big groups and some people prefer going in smaller groups or on their own, especially when they’ve been in a big group all day.

Any books left on the book buffet table in the evening are then bagged up and then 2 or more “release walks” are held on Sunday morning. This allows for books to be left around town, whilst allowing non-locals to get a different view of the city they’re in. Sunday lunch time is when people start leaving for home. Naturally some people are able to make a longer weekend of it, and come before the Friday, or leave after the Sunday, as an excuse to take a long weekend somewhere else.

It can be hard work for the organisers, especially when money is involved and trying to get the best deal for the right money, but it’s lovely to catch up with people you don’t see too often!


2 thoughts on “Reader/Blogger cons you WANT to attend in 2016

    • who’s to say there isn’t a local group in the nearest town/city? You may not be able to come to an uncon, but there may still be meetings happening near you.

      Go to the site and check on the forums. See if there are any BookCrossing Zones (OBCZ) – these are usually in shops/coffee shops etc where people know they can leave or take books. If there isn’t one – set one up! (there will be plenty of people who can give tips as to how to do one).

      Have fun!


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