Sunday Salon: Reading on Sunny days and Rainy Days

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I have a certain level of guilt about being inside. I grew up in 1970s England to Irish parents. As soon as the weather was “decent” (i.e. “not dark, not raining”) it was certainly a case of “get outside and play”. There was certainly no problem with reading – in fact, I was able to read and write before I went to school and I can never remember not being able to read – but being outside was certainly encouraged, for the rarity in decent weather if nothing else.

Therefore as an adult, choosing to be inside when the sun is shining is certainly a great source of Catholic Guilt. If it’s sunny, you’re outside, it’s that simple. You may go outside to read, that’s ok. It might be sunny and bloody freezing when you stop for more than 2 seconds but that’s not the point

If it’s a rainy day, I generally stay inside and do stuff – most but not all of it reading. I might be doing the dreaded housework, or the ironing etc. Again the guilt factor will prevent me from spending ALL of the day reading (or sewing or watching TV…). I can hear the internal voice going “how can you sit there and read when you know the place needs a dust?!”. Most of the time I can ignore the voice, but sometimes I can’t!


So what about you, constant reader? Do you read more on a rainy day or abandon everything else on a gorgeous day so you can be outside?


9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Reading on Sunny days and Rainy Days

  1. If it’s sunny and warm enough then I want to be outside reading. But if the temperature is a bit on the cool side I’m happy pottering about in the garden with an audiobook to keep me company


  2. If it is sunny and warm i will take my book outside but I am almost always reading. As for cleaning i recently hired a cleaning woman and it is the best money ever spent.


  3. Our weather has more extremes. In January and February, I won’t skip a walk on a day that’s dry and the temperatures are above freezing, because it can get so much worse. In July and August, I’m seeking out the odd cool day to get outside. I do love a rainy day for the excuse to stay inside and read!


    • I do get cabin fever if I’m inside too long, and will go outside, even if it means sitting on a bus for an hour or so. Winter is rain and cold, summer is warm(er) but also rain, so on the occasion when the sun is out and it’s not freezing, it’s outside we go!


  4. As I work from home, I make myself go out every day, rain or shine. But one of my favourite things is summer is taking my lunch out into the garden, with my book, and spending a good hour having a read out there.

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