Friday Salon: Top 8 Must have “Crafting” supplies

Excluding Photography for some reason, here are the tools that I believe are essential in the crafting world!

1) SCISSORS! At least one pair, if not two. One pair for paper, one not. All the crafting stuff I do involves the cutting of “stuff” and you simply can’t do it with a Stanley knife.

2) Thread, multiple colours. For both the sewing machine (and therefore on bobbins), and not. Cotton for the basics, then moving up into the silks and the speciality threads, the multi dyes etc if you want to be posh.

3) Needles, needles, Needles. Embroidery. Sharps. Longs. Shorts. Can’t have too many needles!hoops embriodery

4) Pins. Big headed and small headed. Always useful for holding things in place, and needing heads so that they’re easier to find in a big pile of fabric or when they have slipped down the side of the chair (or worse still, are trying to hid in the carpet when you pad around the place barefoot – ouch!).

5) I consider wrapping presents as part of my “craft” so have a collection of: wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, to/from cards and most importantly – Sellotape! Post-holiday sales are ace for this, e.g. Christmas, where you can pick up paper and ribbons dead cheap.

6) For Cross-stitch I have a number of differing sized hoops, which half the time I don’t use. Very useful for keeping the fabric, and therefore, the tension just right

7) Also: Fabrics. The cotton fabric i’ve been collecting for years for that patchwork I’ve never made. Also Aida Cross stitch fabric in several colours and several sizes. Never liked working on Linen/Evenweave so dont keep that “in stock”

Something I forgot:

8) The Instructions. Unless making something completely off the top of my head, I need some kind of instructions or pattern.


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