#Bloggiesta Spring 2016 – Sign Up to-do list

Bloggiesta Spring 2016


I’ve taken part in Bloggiesta for several years now and have found it can be useful.  The main event is usually a week long, and this year it is being held between 21st and 27th March 2016.  It’s a great chance to have a think of what needs to be done on your blog (what ever type of blog it is) and do “stuff” to move things up a bit.

This year, I’ve taken my eye of the ball a little with my blog so my initial stab at my to-do list is as follows:

  • Write outstanding reviews and schedule them (there’s a few)
  • Make sure the social media set ups for them are done, including schedules
  • Random spot check images for ALT-TEXT being set up correctly.
  • Make sure my Reader Challenge catch up post is up to date with links (as much as possible)
  • A lot of new books have come in recently – time to look at my physical and ipad bookshelf and see how things can be dealt with and/or tracked

This list may change as things go on, but suspect that’s enough to go on with!



26 thoughts on “#Bloggiesta Spring 2016 – Sign Up to-do list

    • Hope you get some ideas whether or not you take part in the main event…….I’ve already had an idea about the biggest challenge for me, so that’s a good start!


    • Thanks – have started on the big one already (yes I’m a cheat!) but I like to strike whilst the iron is hot! Hope you have fun too if you’re taking part!


  1. Great list! Happy Bloggiesta and I hope you accomplish all your goals. I think I forgot so many items on my list, I need to check my reading challenge goals and update all of them. Might have to add that to my list if I complete everything else. Happy Reading!


  2. I spent a little time trying to make sure I had all my review copies added to my tracking sheet before Bloggiesta started, but I have a feeling I’ve forgotten a few, and should probably go back and doublecheck it. Good luck with your Bloggiesta goals!


    • On all your images there’s the “alternative text” box, which seems to be used somehow in SEO. No idea how but I see both people recommending it, and some performance review sites pointing out not all of my images have something in there. Since most of my images are pictures of book covers, I’m trying to ensure the alt-text matches the specific book.


    • the advantage of goodreads is that if you have the papercopy, you can scan the barcode and it pulls the book in! That’s what I did with the majority of my books.


  3. Good luck with your goals. I feel like such a newb when I look at everyone’s goals lists. You wouldn’t know I have been at this for 4+ years on the book blog and at least 4 or 5 years general blogging before that. I have basically blogged since my oldest was itty bitty, in one way or another, starting out with MySpace blogging, and he is almost 13 now. Yet, I still feel like I am learning the ropes.

    Lisa @ Just Another Rabid Reader


    • You need to do what’s right for you – because this is the week long one, there seems so much to do! So start with things like: decide how often you’re going to publish posts, how you’re going to tell people about them, and work from there!


      • Right now, I am working on trying to have 2 reviews a week and then a new feature post once a week and trying to fill in at least one blogger meme a week, more if the topics appeal. But I can’t always relate to the topics they post, so I won’t always be able to post on the memes every single week. I did Stacking the Shelves for a little while way back when but that got overwhelming, so I quit that one. Now I want to stick with topic ones.


      • rather than commit to a meme that I may or may not be able to complete within the timescale…I take prompts that I might be able to answer, then put them in a big bucket folder. When I’m in the mood, I try and answer a variation of that post. Or do something on the same subject but bigger (or smaller).


      • …..Hah! That’s a good Idea. Maybe I will skim the topics from the memes and put them in a google spreadsheet and just use them for my Rabid Reader Ramblings posts. I never thought about that!


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