Friday Salon: Craft Room wishlist versus reality



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Especially when I see how other people do it (normally the Americans, it has to be said), there are times that I would really like a separate room that I could label my “craft room”. Somewhere where I could have all my stash out, available to see and access quickly. Somewhere where my sewing machine and ironing board could be out at all times. A room with enough space and light for me to stitch or sew, draw or paint to my heart’s content. Somewhere to place my computer with access to the internet to allow me to get inspiration where I needed it, and post my thoughts to the world, perhaps designing my own corner of the world. A couple of shelves on which to store my crafting books and magazines.

However, in reality, I don’t have a Craft Room or the space to create one. I have a spare bedroom with a rigid double bed (that can’t be folded away at a moment’s notice). I have stash hidden away in multiple boxes in multiple rooms. I can’t remember the last time I saw it all together in one place – and would probably be horrified if I did!

The sewing machine is still in the box it came in, hidden in the airing cupboard and brought out as and when needed. It is used on the dining table, always with the fervent hope that it (both the machine and the table) is clean!

Hand sewing is done in my sitting room, either on the settee under the large window – natural light being so useful and wonderful – or on my oversized chair under the daylight simulation lamp.

The ironing board has to be stashed away with the sewing machine, which is going to be a challenge as and when I do quilt. The books are on the top of the bookshelf, needing the stepladder if I want to get them down. The magazines are spread across the flat, on coffee tables and hiding in cupboards

How do you store your stash?  Where do you do your crafting?


4 thoughts on “Friday Salon: Craft Room wishlist versus reality

  1. Luckily enough, I have a spare bedroom that is my sewing room. The bed is pushed against the wall allowing a smaller table to sit in front of it and I have enough room to have my ironing board and iron plugged in and ready to use just by wheeling the chair around. But there is only room for one person in there at a time. My spare bedroom also has a walk-in closet. This allows me to tuck everything away if we have guests. I have my stash stacked nicely on the shelves in the closet waiting to be ironed and used. I feel that it is important to look through your stash periodically so you remember what you have. I used to keep it in giant rubbermaid tubs and as the saying goes, out of sight out of mind. I have the table pushed against the bed so I can make use it like a table top when quilting.
    Good luck trying to get your space to work all in one room. I used to be like you and spread out everywhere and it was hard. If you can achieve a crafty room, you will love it.


  2. Our apartment is TINY and my “office” is really a desk in the kitchen. Fortunately we have a large set of drawers with space for all of my jewelry things (before it was just out on the floor), but I craft at my desk — often right on top of my keyboard.


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