Sunday Salon: Would you Rather?

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Not entirely sure how I came across these questions (think it was a random Facebook “share” one dodgy Friday Night!).  The original questions were taken from Pretty Purple Polka Dots.The overarching question is: WOULD YOU RATHER…?

1. Read only trilogies or stand alone stories?

Normally I read standalones, although I do read multiple books in a series. Ngaio Marsh and Agatha Christie have their respective detectives, there’s things like the Winemaker detective, as well as the series by the likes of Erica Ridley

2. Read only male or female authors?

I seem to be reading mainly female authors, both for romances and historical fiction/golden age crime. I am trying to balance upon the authors and genres as time goes by, but I’m not there yet.  One day I might actually analyse my bookshelves and do a break down.

3. Shop at bookshops or Amazon?

I prefer shopping at and supporting physical book shops.  We don’t have “true” independent bookshops where I live and work, so I try to support those non-Amazon shops that have a presence on the High Street.  I check out their website for the books I want – not always new releases – and do a “click and collect” so that I physically go into a store and interact with the staff. I follow the local store on twitter and try to attend events where I can make it, such as author and book events.  I rarely shop at Amazon any more and then generally when people give me gift vouchers as presents.  I can’t remember when I paid Amazon for a book. I do however piggyback on their technology to get ebooks delivered to my iPad.

4. All books become films or TV shows?

The books I like are rarely short, so tend to work better as TV shows, where multiple episodes can expand and complete the story more fully. I have always enjoyed Jane Eyre better as a series, compared to the multiple films that have been made over the years. Pride and Prejudice and Middlemarch have always worked well as a series, and the former not great as a film.

Of course there are exceptions – Shawshank Redemption was a Stephen King short, as was Carrie. Blade Runner was a Phillip K Dick short, Fahrenheit 451 was a Bradbury short. See the theme?  The shorts do well as films, the longer ones do well as TV shows.

5. Read five pages a day or five books a week?

At the moment it seems to be five pages a day if I’m lucky. Gone are the days I’d read one or more books in a week! (though it can be done if I try!)

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

One day I would like to be paid for the reviews I do – if that makes me a professional reviewer, then so be it. Although at the moment I do it as a hobby because that means I can read the books I want at the rate I want.  If I went professional it would then become a job and I’d have to read books that I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy, which would instantly make it a job and a chore.

7. Only read your top 20 books, or only ever read new books?

At the moment, I only seem to be reading new books, so it would have to be the latter. Whilst I would miss my top 20, I like to see the changes and find new talent.  I have read so many good “new to me” authors in the last few years, it would be a shame to miss out on all that new good stuff!

8. Be a librarian or a book seller?

I’d prefer to be a bookseller. I’d like to see the new books come in and also to be able to guide people to finding the book they want or need. I’m sure that public librarians can do the same, but are restricted by budgets more than booksellers.

9. Only read your favourite genre, or read every genre except your favourite?

I don’t have any one favourite genre and what I like to read tends to change, so it would be the latter in my case.

10. Only read physical books or only read e books?

Two years reading ebooks, and I’m coming back to physical books (although ebooks are easier if dining out on one’s own)


11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Would you Rather?

  1. Delightful questions…to answer some of them, I usually enjoy stand-alone books, but I also find myself caught up in trilogies or series books. It depends on the author.

    Female authors are my favorites, although I must admit to enjoying some male authors (Jonathan Kellerman, for one).

    I love holding a physical book, but e-books are the easiest (quick downloading, no overflowing shelves).

    I have a few favorite genres, and like to mix things up. There are some genres I don’t enjoy…at all. Urban fantasy, most dystopian books (there are exceptions here), and Sci-Fi.

    Thanks for the great post! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES


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