#Bloggiesta Spring 2016 – Sign Up to-do list update

Bloggiesta Spring 2016


Last week I announced my Bloggiesta spring to-do list, and it’s time for me to give an update of how things went.

  • Write outstanding reviews and schedule them (there’s a few) including making sure they’re cutover to Librarything, Goodreads, Netgalley etc.

I did some clearing up here – I had a lot of half written posts in as “scheduled” which meant I actually struggled to see what was ready to publish and what was half written and needed to be re-visited before publication. I now only have posts that I’m pretty much happy with, with the rest in the “draft” folder.

Some reviews have been written and scheduled. Some of those already published have now been copied over to GR and LT, and put to Stumbledupon.  The latter is not a HUGE source of traffic, but can amount for a reasonable percentage, especially immediately after submission, so right now I’m counting every hit as a bonus (I’m a little pathetic like that!).

  • Make sure the social media set ups for them are done, including schedules

The “problem” I have with WordPress.com is that they will NOT give you the URL until a page is published. That means it is *impossible* to schedule Social Media Updates until after the event – at which point, I’m at work, and doing something else…..Anyway, Posts are in my “these are the things I’ve scheduled” list if nothing else.

  • Random spot check images for ALT-TEXT being set up correctly.

I have done a variation of this. First of all, I went through my media, deleted those images that I know I won’t be using. Then I went through duplicates, and linked to pages correctly and deleted those that were no longer needed. In essence, I cleared 3 pages of images that I wouldn’t be needing.  Since I get a set amount of space for free, I need to be smarter as to what I store before I start getting charged for new stuff.

Then I started going through remaining images and making sure that the ALT-Text has something in it. It’s certainly not finished (I have 31 pages of images after all) but I’ve made a start.

  • Make sure my Reader Challenge catch up post is up to date with links (as much as possible)

This was a little disappointing in that it proved that I am well behind in any form of reading challenge as well as being able to write a review in time. Certainly a “Must Do Better”. However, the post is as up to date as it can be (haha)

  • A lot of new books have come in recently – time to look at my physical and ipad bookshelf and see how things can be dealt with and/or tracked.

Believe it or not, this turned out to be the easiest idea to come up with. Much as I hate to make use of Amazon if I can avoid it in any way, I was thinking of the type of things I want to capture (author, publisher, publication date, source etc), I realised most of these things could be captured either automatically, or making use of shelves on Goodreads (e.g. “publisher”, “NetGalley” etc for source).  Since I made use of Goodreads anyway to track my reading, I just had to be better at it.  My NetGalley TBR list is now up there, as are all (I hope!) of my outstanding LTERs, as well as books I’ve picked up in bookshops etc.

As a result of this, I exported my list from Goodreads and imported all the TBRs into Librarything, bring the two lists much closer to matching!  I also got my LT Tag list updated.

So, I got a lot more than I expected do, even if it wasn’t in the way I initially intended!


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