Top Eight Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me

I read a lot of Front-list books (those books that are about to be, or have just been, published. I’m getting better at reading Back-lists, but it still needs work. Despite spending a reasonable amount of time in bookshops browsing what’s on offer, I can easily fail to pick up the latest “must read”.  Here are some of the books that I’ve managed to avoid reading to date, that I suspect many other people have at least said they’ve read….

  1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – I read the first few chapters, but didn’t care for it, so passed it on to someone who did want it. No, I haven’t seen the film either.
  2. Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – I saw a lot of noise about it in 2015, but seeing it compared to “Gone Girl” – which I had recently just ditched – was not a way of making me want to read it.  Looks like the film will come out in 2016.
  3. 50 Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James. I’ve read none of them, and wouldn’t admit to it even if I had! I have no problem in reading sexy stories/erotica, but I do have standards and heard from people I trust that the books were simply badly written. Don’t get me onto the fourth in the series, as it was clearly done as a money-making exercise.
  4. Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer – I read the first one, wasn’t particularly impressed (sparkly vampires? What’s the point of vampires if it’s not about sex, right? Christian values, No sex before marriage, etc. Bah Humbug!). I’ve caught bits from the movies, which are now on irregular repeats on the TV, but have never sat down to watch an entire film.
  5.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I’m not big in YA arena so to hear the ravings of fans when the films came out made me wonder, but not enough to go out and read one of them!
  6. It’s the same with Divergent by Veronica Roth – another YA book that got enough critical mass when the films came out
  7. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. This is perhaps more my style – large with a cast of thousands and historical fiction. It’s actually on my bookshelf somewhere and I’ll get around to it at some point, however, I refused to read it at the time because of the hype. I suspect it’s one of those books that people claim to have read it (but haven’t really) in the hope it will impress people.
  8. Most of the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling. I read the early books after the films came out. I have neither read the later books nor seen the later films. I’m bad I know. So Be It.  I am not sure I have (had) all the books – I can’t actually remember the last one I read, but it was certainly long before the end of either the books or watching the movies. The last one is on the bookshelf, and I’ve read the last few pages, so in theory I know how it ends, but still…

Have you read any of these books? Were they worth it? Did you read it because of the hype? 


27 thoughts on “Top Eight Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me

  1. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books and Wolf Hall (+ Bring Up The Bodies). I haven’t read, or wanted to read any of the others.


  2. I stopped reading the Harry Potter books in the middle of book 5 because they decided she didn’t need an editor, but she really did (way too long). Wolf Hall is the only book on the list I’m really interested in reading, but the others just have too much hype or are in genres I don’t care for, so no, I haven’t read them either! (You are NOT alone!)


    • I’ve got Wolf Hall hidden in a bookshelf somewhere, so I can read it when the hype has died down and i can read it for what it is.

      Thanks for the reassurance!

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  3. I have all the books except the Twilight and 50 Shades series. The only one I’ve read (so far) is the Hunger Games trilogy, and I only agreed to it because one of my sons really wanted me to read it. I’d pretty much held those books in contempt because of all the hype, but my son talked me into it. Turns out it was a good thing, because I really loved the series.

    I loved all the Harry Potter movies, and the Divergent movie was enjoyable. I’m most likely to (eventually) read Wolf Hall of all the books you’ve listed, because I love reading historical fiction. I tried to watch it on PBS, but I missed all but one episode. It was a shame… I really liked the one I saw.


      • YA isn’t a genre I purposefully read very often. So much of it has an angsty vibe. It’s fine if I can relate to it, but when I can’t, it’s annoying in how long it drags on.


      • YA is good! Recommend you read Bali Rai. I even read the (very short, large font) books he’s written which are targeted at reluctant readers.


  4. I am still working my way through Harry Potter. Read the first one about four times – the second and third ones twice – and I’m half way through the fourth.

    I recently read Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. I enjoyed both of them, but I think I was in the mood for a psychological thriller. The language of Gone Girl was over the top, in my opinion.

    I read the first book of Twilight and Hunger Games, just to see what all the buzz was about. That was enough for me.

    I have zero desire to ever read 50 Shades…


  5. Wolf Hall is the one I’d recommend from that list. It’s long, and slow, but I loved it. Girl On The Train was good, but it’s not a re-read. Gone Girl didn’t grab me – too unbelievable – and neither did the Harry Potter series – though I ‘overheard’ them as they were read to my daughter as bedtime stories.


  6. I’ve read all the HPs but wish I hadn’t bothered – got bored (but hyped) at book 5 then read the others for completeness’ sakes. Diana Wynn Jones is much better. None of the others – they don’t appeal!


  7. I haven’t read Gone Girl, The Girl on The Train or 50 Shades either, just because they aren’t really genres I read. You’re not missing much with Twilight, or Divergent though in my opinion, although The Hunger Games is certainly worth a read. I love Wolf Hall though! And the second book Bring Up The Bodies is amazing too! 🙂


  8. This title made me laugh. I loved Harry Potter, not book 2. Liked Wolf Hall but only because I read all the books. Not sure I liked them all but by end of books I was hooked


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