#ArmchairBEA – Day 1 -Introductions!


Design by Amber of Shelf Notes

What is the name you prefer to use?

I’ve been known as “Nordie” since the late 1980s – it’s a little known character in a little known episode of Dr Who, not long before it was put on hiatus. I generally go by that online, so it’s what I prefer

How long have you been a book blogger?

I started writing reviews back in 2012, but started in earnest in 2013, where I was writing and publishing reviews on a semi regular basis.

Have you participated in ABEA before?

I believe this is my third! Yay!


If you could create a playlist that reflects your bookshelf, what would be the first song you choose? (You can include more than one if you want :D)

Reflects my bookshelf? Oooerr! Perhaps “Flight of the bumblebee” which is how I dart between books every time I have to decide what I’m going to read next? Followed perhaps by “don’t you want me baby?” by the Human League

How do you arrange your bookshelves? Is there a rhyme or reason? Or not at all? (#ABEAShelfie)

Currently my bookshelf is ordered by theme (India, Classics etc), and now that more books have come in than gone out, the catch all of “random, where ever”.  Previously they have been ordered by height

What book are you most excited for on your TBR? What are you most intimidated by?

I am most excited by the book that came into my position last – hahaha! I’ve got so many good books to read – new Neil Gaiman books, the Terry Pratchett/Stephen Baxter series, the new Jenni Fagan….

I am most intimidated by the Ken Follett books that I seem to have amassed, since most of them seem to have come in at around 900+ pages. No Way are they going to fit in the handbag for the commute!

If you could choose three characters to have lunch with, who would they be and why?

Have been watching the Inspector Montalbano tv programs, and have started reading the books too. Both versions have him eating some very nice Sicilian food (in the show his table is always set lovely for someone who generally eats alone).

The same goes for Benjamin Crocker from The WineMaker Detective series, who not only appreciates food, but would know what wine to go with it (and follow up with a nice cigar – I don’t smoke but I like the smell!).

So that’s 2 out of 3 for “Eat, Drink and be Merry”…..for the Merry…..? Don’t know to be honest. Someone who wont get too heavy, but will enjoy their food and keep the conversation and laughter going. Possibly Stan Lee? I know he’s a real person, but he’s also had his life immortalised in a comic book – for someone who’s been around that long and seen so many things, he must have tales to tell



11 thoughts on “#ArmchairBEA – Day 1 -Introductions!

  1. I’ve read all the Ken Follett chunksters…don’t ask me how (many of them before I was blogging)! Pillars of the Earth and World Without End are worth it. I liked Fall of Giants and Winter of the World, but Edge of Eternity was disappointing for me.

    That being said, I’m so burned out of the really long books at the moment..


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