#ArmchairBEA – Aesthetics – it’s all about the blogs!

Design by Amber of Shelf Notes

I’ve been bookblogging properly since 2013 and my “brand” has certainly developed over that time. I’ve got a logo that goes from my blog to my twitter logo and my business cards (and was the first thing that I ever actually paid for to do with my brand).  I know that at least one person has started following me on twitter because they recognised my logo from a comment I had made on their blog.

When I land on other people’s blogs, I take note of the things that annoy me, and then try to make sure that I don’t do them on my own blog. Therefore: no autoplay videos or music, no cluttered presentation where you can’t tell where the adverts stop and the unique content starts; no funny background colours or fonts (so no blue on brown background, or gothic font); no content made entirely of gifs.  I remember when the animated logos came out for the London 2012 Olympic games, there were plenty of complaints from charities about the fact that they could trigger episodes with epileptics – I’m not an epileptic, but appreciate that too many moving things, or stuff moving at the wrong rate can prove difficult for people.

I look to do my reviews in the same format: Book Cover; Book Blurb; Source of where I got the book (since I get so many that are free); My spoiler free review; something about the author. Where I find something else that I think adds something to the review (e.g. add the trailer for the matching film in) I will.  I have been known to use gifs myself in the past, but believe only once so far – and it was a fairly discreet figure banging their head against a wall!


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