#BookReview: His Perfect Bride by Jenn Langston

His Perfect Bride

Richard Carrack received the title of Marquis of Stonemede upon his father’s death six months ago. Knowing of the duties associated with the title, he decides to marry and spend the remainder of his days tending to the estate. His requirements for his bride are simple; he wishes her to be obedient and calm-spirited. When circumstances place him in the path of Lady Brianna Denton, whose wild ways make her an unsuitable candidate, he lies about his identity to discourage her from pursuing him for his title.

Brianna Denton knows what she wants out of life. She wishes to marry an untitled lord and live the remainder of her days in the country with no obligations. Only then can she spend her free time painting. When she meets Mr. Richard, she decides he would make the perfect husband. Little does she know, her boldness puts her in a position where she must decide between what she always thought she wanted and what her heart is telling her.

I was trawling through my e-reader, looking for my next read, and decided that perhaps I should look at some of the books I’ve had for a while. This has been in the background for a while, and on further digging, seems to be one I picked up in 2013 from Amazon.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be what I believe to be the first DNF of the year.

I have read my fair share of inappropriately forward Regency women (landed/titled or no), who take their lives into their own hands, and end up with equally matched men (frequently titled and landed) who meet or best them at their own game. Neither of the two characters here were up to par however – Brianna thinks she knows what she wants, but see-saws between wanting Richard or not. Richard thinks that by playing a waiting game and marrying Brianna, he can tame her into the bride he thinks he wants.  A couple of sex scenes later (not particularly raunchy by today’s standards), and with practically no post-coital regrets on either side later (she wipes away her lack of virginity with nary a glance backwards), shows she has as little respect for her imagined future husband as he does for his possible future bride.

Anyway, I get to 50% of the way through, and I’m asked “what are you reading? Is it any good?”. The latter question made me put it away with a “nah, it’s awful”. No, it wasn’t awful, but not a book I wanted to finish or rave about. So sorry, no idea how it ends – could be fabulous, though I suspect not

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