Summertime Blog and Reader Challenge – week 1

Parajunkee - Summertime week 1Thank you to Parajunkee for holding one of her ad-hoc themed events.  To Quote:

This challenge is to help you overcome the summertime slump, give you easy topics to Welcome to week one of the Sumer Time Blog & reader Challenge. This week we’ll be plunging into summer feet first with our first week of post so blog about and discuss. A chance to meet new bloggers and interact with them about similar subjects and get exposure for your blog.

Summer Goals

  • This is the second year that I’ve not had an official Goodreads target to go for. Last year I did ok, reading approx 60 books, and this year I’m aiming for around the same. I’m hoping to clear off some of my paperbooks that have been sitting around for a while, and am doing ok so far!
  • I have also looked into diversifying the topics I write about. I have written about two episodes of a crime drama that I’ve been watching (which are based on books) – it’s still early days yet so I don’t know whether they’re going to be popular or not. The fact that they are relatively niche (the program is in Italian, shown on the “arts” BBC channel on a Saturday night) means they’re not exactly prime time!).
  • Posts on the blog have slowed down as a result of running out of backlist posts to load, and not reading fast enough to produce reviews every two days (my previous rate). My blog visits have dropped a little as a result. However, I have been focusing on increasing my twitter engagement (I’m at about 2.5k engagements a month now, up from 800 a year ago). Not all content is mine – something I need to work on! I am also working on increasing my pinterest output – another area I have been lax in working.

Summer Reading List

  • I never have a prescribed list – the minute I pick one ensures that I will instantly not want to read it! I’ve been reading a lot of Romance novels over the last few years, so will probably avoid those. I’ve also got a lot of large hardback (e.g. The Romanovs) which I may dip in and out of, but I wont have in my handbag – if only to save my shoulders!.
  • I must go through my bookshelves actually and have a plan of attack. I have a big stack of YA books that I picked up last September, which I could read through to kill two birds with one stone.  I should really pick up the last Terry Pratchett/Stephen Baxter, which I think has recently come out. I’m unlikely to read it soon, as I haven’t read the other three in the series!

A Great Summer Vacation

  • My definition of a “perfect vacation” depends on what mood I’m in, which affects where I go. If I want to do something cultural, I tend to head to Italy, and have done some great tours (Umbria, Amalfi etc). Sometimes I just want to chill and do nothing – at which point I head to Greece. I prefer Crete over any other Greek Island (Cyprus is England with better sun, ACrete has at least retained some level of Greekness!). My last summer holiday was a week in Cyprus, where all I did was sit by the pool, read a load of books and drink the occasional beer! Not very social of me, I know, but in the end, it was my holiday and I did what I wanted.

2 thoughts on “Summertime Blog and Reader Challenge – week 1

    • The advantage of living in Europe is that Greece is only a few hours away by plane, and holidays are usually pretty cheap. I understand it’s a bit of a bigger schlep for you


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