Parajunkee’s Summertime Challenge – facing blogging slumps

Parajunkee Summertime week 2


Week 2 of Parajunkee’s Summertime Blog and reader challenge, and today’s theme is “Ways You Battle Blogging Slumps Tips & Tricks or just basic ideas”.

I’m in a bit of a blogging slump at the moment. I’ve run out of book reviews to publish and my reading isn’t going fast enough for me to publish reviews at the rate I used to (previously it was every 2 days).  My page views have taken a hit as a result but are still relatively healthy.

The last time I had a slump this big was on a different blog, which I have subsequently shut down, as I simply no longer had the heart to keep it running. Looking at the types of posts I was sharing I realised that I had needed twitter long before I knew there was such a thing!

So, what do I do when I hit a slump?

  • Don’t Panic! Try to remember that These Things Happen
  • Something will always come along. Ok, so I haven’t written a book review in a few weeks. However, Parajunkee to the rescue! I can still blog about stuff. I do have some other non-review posts scheduled, but they can be published whenever – taking part in challenges like this means I have to work to some kind of schedule.
  • In reading less, I have been watching DVDs more, and have started writing posts about the episodes I watch, trying to tie them in to the related books, where I’ve read them.
  • Since I decided not to do a Goodreads reading challenge again this year I’ve been more relaxed about reading – I currently have two books on the go, 1 Sci-fi, 1 lazy summer read. I’m not forcing myself to do anything and hopefully when the reviews do come then you’ll see a difference.
  • There’s always something to do around the blog or my library or my social media:
    • I’ve set up a Pinterest account and scheduled some Pins, that have already generated small amounts of traffic
    • I’ve tidied up my Goodreads and Librarything bookshelves – to the point that the only book in the “to review” pile is actually a book I have to review.  I’ve also tidied up the tags and shelves, so that they pretty much match, and books are on shelves that they should be on (e.g. have I really only read 2 books set in France? Think not!)
    • I’ve boosted my Twitter following by about 100 in the last few months, by curating content, most of it not my own.
    • I am also trying to do better with my twitter lists and take part in twitter chats, not only about books or blogging, interacting with people and seeing where I can pick up any tips.



3 thoughts on “Parajunkee’s Summertime Challenge – facing blogging slumps

  1. I agree. Strangely I’m enjoying your ” slump posts” more. Is it because I don’t feel obliged to keep up with your output? Haha. I’m loving reading now I’ve cut out all the things surrounding it, well some anyway. Back to being a kid who just reads non stop.


    • I think you’re possibly enjoying them because you’ve taken some pressure off yourself – so it’s not just a case of “keeping up with my output”….


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